3/2/15 - I have my final nightgown sample - and I love it!  I've been sleeping in it almost every night since receiving it.  And I can honestly say that I feel strange when I sleep in "regular" pajamas now. 

My goal of having all of them ready for production BEFORE Mother's Day should be happening!!  I absolutely love working with my new production company, V.Mora. 

Check out the Products page for some photos from the fitting.  All of the samples were made using the same colors, but this is just one option for these samples - not the whole line.


Be Fashionably Modest.

Proudly Made in the USA

Here are the components
of the DuoBra which is sewn into each pajama top:

Part 1 - a soft crossover bra with no underwires to provide light support,


Part 2 - molded bra cups in various sizes to provide shaping and coverage.