Who Knew Pajamas Could be So Supportive AND Comfortable!

Comfy Pajamas/Loungewear + Breast Support = Lazy Days PJs!

Lazy Days PJs are classically styled pajamas/loungewear in sizes 0/2 to 16/18 with a bonus - something called the DuoBra™ (Patent Pending).  Chances are you've never experienced anything quite like this until now. There are many pajama styles on the market today which have a built-in shelf bra, but they only provide minimal support and NO nipple coverage or breast shaping.  Some pajama styles have even gone so far as to include a molded bra cup, but what do you do if it's the wrong size - say you need a large cup size but a small nightgown, or maybe a smaller cup size with a large nightgown?  And who wants to actually sleep with a molded bra cup?  Not me, and probably not you! 

Lazy Days PJs are the solution to all of these issues.  These unique pajamas feature the patent pending DuoBra™ which is a two-part bra system. The first part is a soft, stretchy crossover bra with no hooks or wires that is sewn into each garment top which provides breast support.  The back is wide and smooth to eliminate "back fat", and the sides are taller than a regular bra strap to also provide a smooth look.  The bottom band is 1 1/2" wide which also helps eliminate any bulges while providing breast support - because your support should come from your band, not your straps.

The second part of the DuoBra is made up of removable bra cups (sold separately) that provide extra shaping and coverage – for an extra level of modesty. The DuoBra allows you to wear the pajamas/loungewear all day and/or night if you want to. You can sleep in the pajamas with just the soft bra portion, then get up and be ready to face the day simply by sliding in the molded bra cups.  The style of the crossover bra lets you insert and remove the bra cups without using any kind of attachment, as the tautness of the bra will hold them in place. How convenient is that?

Watch our interview on Fox2 morning show on New Year's Day 2016
to see the styles and colors of the pajamas on live models!

Some of the reasons you'll love Lazy Days PJs include:


  • You can answer the door when the delivery man unexpectedly rings the bell before you've gotten dressed for the day.
  • Working from home just got a whole lot more comfortable.
  • Is your teenage son having a sleepover at your house?  No problem - you can still walk around your house all day in front of the boys wearing your pajamas and not feel self conscious.
  • You can take the dog out for a potty break/walk without having to change clothes.  Your neighbors will never know you're still in your pajamas.
  • Live in a co-ed dorm?  No need to worry about who you might pass in the hallway.
  • Having a family vacation, a girls weekend, or some other large group sleepover event?  You can wear your pajamas all day and night if you want to.
  • Bring out your inner Marilyn Monroe (did you know she slept in a bra?).
Whatever you want to do in your pajamas ... you won't have to feel self conscious any more, and you'll look fabulous!

Did I mention these pajamas are MADE IN THE USA?


Our three current styles include:  Nightgown, Short Sleeve Top with Shorts, and Long Sleeve Top with Pants.  And we have two sizes of the Molded Cups available.  More pajama styles will be added soon!